You can use up to 50 images for your slideshow with one title in the beginning and one title at the end.

Calculate the number of seconds in the song you choose. If the song is 4 minutes long that equals 240 seconds. At 5 seconds per image you can use 46 images with one title in the front and one title at the end.

We recommend 5 or 6 second intervals for each picture.

Creating a slideshow is a 4-step process
1.Select a theme
2.Select a music overlay from our library (calculate the seconds of the song you choose)
3. Set the timing of each picture and add your photos and titles.
4.Upload direct to YouTube or download to your computer.

Due to copy write and music licensing laws you are not allowed to upload your own music unless you retain the rights to the song. We are working with publishers to bring more popular music selections to the site.

Yes, you can, and we will go through the process of securing the rights to these songs for future use. Just email us with your request.

Usually no more than 5-10 minutes is required to complete the process.

All of our themes are set to HD quality 720 and 1080P formats.

If you are using the popular music library monetization will not be available and will go to the owner of the music license set automatically by YouTube.

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